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Taghaus, bei Duesseldorf, Germany, 2015

Taghaus is built around a private art collection to house and exhibit a selection of installations in natural daylight setting.

Taghaus is a hybrid of sculpture garden and exhibition space. The translucent envelope and interior walls of the building allow for natural light to change the perception of the three-dimensional art over the course of the day without the static and controlled appearance in an artificial light setting. The building’s main function is human sense and thought by drawing attention away from the material form of art and to engage with the interpretation of intention and reflection in an almost inter-human encounter between visitor and artist. The art is dissolved from a state of absolute and eternal and placed into a momentous situation to create an informal and natural discourse between perception and self of the observer, almost as in a daily life encounter and conversation. The soft boundaries between inside and outside and throughout the building allow for contemplation with a sense of continuity.

The site is only moderately modelled to accommodate access to the building. A portion of the structure cantilevers slightly over the undulating, gently sloping landscape.

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